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3 things you should know about SDUs plagiarism checker

The exam period is under way, and this means that you should be aware of plagiarism amongst your students.

Here are 3 things you need to know about the process regarding SDUs plagiarism checker.

1. You must check the plagiarism report on Blackboard yourself.
All exam papers submitted in SDU Assignment on Blackboard are automatically run through SafeAssign (SDU’s plagiarism checker). But it is your responsibility as lecturer to review the SafeAssign plagiarism report. The system does not notify you automatically if there is suspicion of plagiarism.

See SDUnet for guides and links to find the SafeAssign report and how to review the report.

2. You must always go ahead with a suspicion of plagiarism, even if it has not been confirmed by the SafeAssign system.
SafeAssign checks and compares a submission with other assignments submitted at SDU, public article databases, and publicly available content on the internet. But as there are no guarantees that assignments delivered at other universities are checked, you must always proceed with any suspicion of plagiarism. Even if your suspicion has not been confirmed by the SafeAssign report.

If you find any similarities with another assignment or source found e.g. on Google, you can make a manual comparison in SafeAssign. See instructions here on how to upload a file for comparison in SafeAssign.

3. Plagiarism reports may be delayed.
It may take 3-4 days from an assignment is uploaded before a plagiarism report is compiled. This is due to the large amount of files submitted during exam- and thesis delivery periods.

Please note, that SDU soon vil  make a transistion to Digital Exam, a system which offers, among other things, a better plagiarism checker than the current SafeAssign system. Digital Exam is also the system that most other Danish universities currently use.

We will run pilot projects on Digital Exam from the upcoming winter exam period. Further information including the date of the transition to the new system will be announced later.

Editing was completed: 21.06.2019