Organic light-emitting devices and photodetectors

Fabrication and characterisation of organic and hybrid thin-film devices

Keywords and applications

Organic LEDs and photodetectors; organic transistors; thin-film devices

Display technology; signage; lighting; IR and visible ligt sensors


The lab is equipped with a Zeiss Orion NanoFab facility -  a multibeam ion microscope dedicated to micro- and nanofabrication and imaging.
The heart of the Orion NanoFab is the field-ion-source that emits atomically sharp beams of helium and neon ions capable of generating high-resolution images and cutting out nanostructures.The imaging system of the Orion microscope offers high material contrast, large focus depth and surface sensitivity significantly superior of the conventional scanning electron microscopy. The spatial resolution is in sub-nanometer range that is close to the resolution of transmission electron microscopes. As a material structuring tool, the Orion NanoFab is amongst a few systems in the world, which cover both micro-machining to nano-machining applications.


Consultancy, development and fabrication of organic LED or photodetector prototype devices, characterisation of thin-film materials and thin-film devices.


Thin-film vacuum deposition systems for evaporation or sputtering of various types of materials incl. cluster deposition system with nitrogen glove box for handling under inert atmosphere, UV and electron beam lithography, probe station with electrical characterisation set-up and controlled illumination for photodetector responsivity measurements, luminance metre and various types of microscopes for thin-film characterisation.


Serguei Chiriaev

Associate professor
Mads Clausen Institute


T +45 6550 7250

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