New materials for electronics

Performing both experimental characterisation and theoretical analysis of the electronic/magnetoelectronic properties of various materials and devices

Keywords and applications

Lab-grown diamond thin-films; electronic materials (insulators, semiconductors, metals and superconductors); magnetoelectronic materials (magnetic semiconductors and magnetic metals)

Electronic devices; magnetoelectronic devices for magnetic field sensing


This laboratory hosts various state-of-the-art spectroscopy, general light measurement and characterisation setups. The research conducted in this lab focuses on the study of phenomena resulting from the interaction of light and matter on macro-, micro- and nanoscale and the development of novel devices based on such effects.


Services for companies

Light measurements
Light source calibration, intensity measurements, LED measurements, spatial distribution of sources, total spectral and luminous flux measurements.
Time-resolved laser spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, reflection/transmission spectroscopy, temperature-dependent spectroscopy, diffuse reflection spectroscopy


Technical specification of equipment

  • Spectra Physics Tsunami Mode locked Ti-Sapphire Laser (sub 35 fs)
  • He-Cd Laser, 325 nm, Kimmon Koha
  • Laser Scanning Microscope, Nikon Eclipse TE2000
  • Streak Camera System for Time Resolved Spectroscopy, Model C10627; Hamamatsu Photonics
  • Custom-built Leakage-Radiation Microscope
  • Integrating Sphere, Lab Sphere RTC-060-SF
  • Spectrometer, Princeton Instruments Acton SP2150
  • 4 K Closed Cycle Refrigerator System, Janis
  • Spectrophotometer, UV-1200-PC Frederiksen
  • Custom-built Photogoniometer


Jacek Fiutowski
Associate professor, PhD
Mads Clausen Institute

T +45 6550 1678

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