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Planetarium talks

A cross-border lecture series concerned with "life, the universe and everything".

Following a long period of silence during the COVID-19 pandemics, we have taken up cross-border discussions  again in November 2021 within the scope of the Planetarium talks.

Led by SDU, University of Applied Sciences Flenburg and the science centre Phänomenta in Flensburg, the Planetarium talks provide us with a platform to present recent outputs of science and development in an rather unusual environment, namely the dome of the Menke Planetarium in Glücksburg.

The talks in the planetarium cover a broad range of interesting physics topics, from high energy physics and cosmology to nanotechnology and climate issues. 

With 4 talks  in spring and 4 talks  in autumn we aim to foster the scientific exchange and lively discussions across the German-Danish border.

Participation is free of charge and we look forward to seeing you!

Lecture series programmes

You can view and download the programme below - both for previous series and for the current one.
Mysterious substance over Lyksborg Fjord

The stars radiated clearly above Lyksborg Fjord and the local planetarium, where 30 interested visitors from both sides of the Danish-German border had met to hear about the most mysterious substance in the universe, namely dark matter.

News article about the lecture by Mads Toudal Frandsen in autumn 2021

Last Updated 11.12.2023