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About the institute

Tilt up view of Alsion front seen from the harbour side, and to the right the front of the TEK building in Odense

About the Mads Clausen Institute

The Mads Clausen Institute (MCI) addresses key societal challenges of the 21 century with a focus on climate, health and innovation.
MCI is internationally respected for competences in nanotechnology, photonics, sensors and materials science via centres in Odense and Sønderborg.


Close collaboration with industry

In the spirit of our name giver, our institute cooperates intensively with companies especially in the Danish-German border region. This transfer of knowledge from science to industry addressing societal needs strengthens both our research and education.


Two inspiring locations

MCI is located both at the main campus of SDU on Funen and at Alsion in Sønderborg - providing inspiring umbrellas for the institute’s research, development and educational activities.
SDU campus Sonderborg

Learn more about our campus in this video

SDU Sønderborg

Last Updated 14.08.2023