Events in 2016

15 December
Inauguration ceremony for Honorary Professor Sigitas Tamulevicius from Kaunas University of Technology
13:00-15:00 in U101
See the programme here

14 December
RollFlex official kick-off
09:30-15:00 in U101 and M305/M306/M307
See the programme here

15 November
MCI seminar by Lucas de Carvalho Ribeiro, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil 
Embraer Institutional Presentation and Aircraft and Systems Development Overview
15:00-16:00 in M301

6 October
MCI seminar by Roger Hiorns, CNRS/IPREM, Pau, France
Making Chains from Balls—Polymers for Organic Photovoltaics; and Community Scale OPV installations
13:00-14:00 in M301

4 - 5 October
100% Renewable Energy - Solutions for crossing borders
International conference with focus on renewable energies
The conference is taking place in Flensburg

16 September
MCI seminar by Dorian Proksch, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany)
Financing of new High-Tech Ventures: The Role of Venture Capital
10:30-11:30 in the Innovation Lab

28 June
MCI seminar by Leon Schjoedt, Mahasarakham University (Thailand)
Entrepreneurs’ Job Crafting: A Comparison of Novice and Repeat Entrepreneurs’ Work Characteristics and Stress
15:00-16:00 in M402

27 June
MCI seminar by Professor Yun Sun, Nankai University, Tianjin (China)
CIGS Solar Cell Technology and Progress in Industrialization
10:00-11:00 in U107

15 June
Talk by Professor Katharina Al Shamery, University of Oldenburg, Honorary Professor at SDU TEK
New organic nanofibers
12:30-13:30 in U101

14 June
Doctorate lecture by Gian Paolo Brivio
13:00-14:45 in M304

3 June
Seminar by Professor Vladimir Shalaev,  Honorary Doctor of SDU
Modern trends in Nanophotonics
14:00-16:00 in U101

2 June
Mechatronic Design for Circular Economy: Project Exhibition
Students in their forth semester of the mechatronic engineering programme have considered user needs and designed small energy harvesters made of 20% recyclable materials, mainly supplied by Sonderborg Forsyning (; and developed simple circular business models.
Why design energy harvesters according to circular economy principles?
The main idea behind design for circular economy is to avoid waste material (just like food waste) and to increase the amount of recycled parts in a new device. Energy harvesters are interesting since citizens get the opportunity to harvest energy for their private consumption (e.g. LED-lights, mobile phone chargers) and thus at individual level contribute to green transition without spending  a lot of money on e.g. solar cells or wind turbines.
13:00-15:00 in front of the University Library of Southern Denmark

2 June
EE-Digi Seminar
Anvendelse af Big Data og Internet of Things til energieffektivisering (only in Danish)
14:00-16:30 in U109

27 May
PhD defense by Kasper Paasch
Power Electronic System for Multi-MW PV Sites
13:00 in U101.
See abstract here

26 May 2016 - CANCELLED!
IRCA talk by Prof. Jay Mitra, University of Essex, U.K.
Smart Cities for Evolving Entrepreneurship: How Smart Technologies are Facilitating Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Smart Urban Ecosystems
10:30-12:00 in M304

25 May 2016
IRCA talk by Prof. Ursula Weisenfeld, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany
Institutional Entrepreneurship for More Sustainable Development in Cities
14:00-15:30 in M402

24 May
PhD defense by Arkadiusz Goszczak
Nanostructures for Organic Solar Cells
13:30 in U101.
See abstract here

10 Maj
R Workshop
12:30-15:30, Alsion 2
See more information here (only in Danish)

20 April
Seminar by Professor Vladimir Shalaev,  Honorary Doctor of SDU
Optical metamaterials: technology of the future
14:00-15:00 in U101

23 March
IRCA guest lecture by Jaap Ham, University Eindhoven
Persuasive Robots and Persuasive Lightning
13:30-15:00 in M401

22 March
IRCA seminar
When people and machines meet
13:00-14:50 in M301

11 March
MCI seminar by Peter Ogilby
Oxygen-Dependent Photoinduced Degradation Reactions in Inhomogeneous Samples: From Synthetic Polymers to Mammalian Cells
13:00-14:00 inU107

8 March
Big Data tools workshop
See the programme (Danish only) and sign up here

25 February
MCI seminar by Elizabeth Boer-Duchemin,  ISMO-Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d'Orsay, Paris
 An electrical surface plasmon nanosource
14:00-15:00 in U107

5 February
Two ministers visiting SDU in Sønderborg
Esben Lunde Larsen, Minister for Higher Education and Science, and Ellen Trane Nørby, Minister for Children, Education and Gender Equality are visiting SDU in Sonderborg
See the programme here

29 January
MCI New Year's Reception 2016
10:30-13:00 in U109
See the programme here

 22 January
Winter Graduation
10:00 in U101

14 January
MCI seminar by Martijn Heck , Aarhus University
The exponential growth of photonic integration technology
 14:00-15:00 in M301

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