Race to the Moon

Race to the Moon 

The Race to the Moon is an idea competition for individuals or teams from SDU TEK with a business idea. The theme of the competition is Digitalization for Sustainability. We invite any idea that can relate to one or more of UN’s 17 sustainable development goals and which in one way or the other brings digital technology in play. Read more about UN’s 17 sustainable development goals here

How to apply

To enter the Race to the Moon, participants must upload a description demonstrating the idea and potential, to the Race to the Moon platform. On the platform, participants can upload their idea, see other people's ideas and give likes and feedback to others’ ideas.

The platform can also be used to attract new team members for an idea, or used by people without an idea who would like to become a part of a team.

A team must consist of 2-6 members from SDU. Only students at SDU TEK will be able to enter and win the Race to the Moon contest.

The Race to the Moon contest is subject to the following terms and conditions.


The Race to the Moon platform opens on September 16 and will close on October 25. Every team meeting idea requirements will get to  pitch in front of a panel of experts. The best ideas will be selected for the 6 week program which will prepare the teams for the final Race to the Moon event on December 18 in Sønderborg.

The teams will get access to training and mentoring from experts, international startup events and a paid trip for all the members of the winning team to the international startup bootcamp; ”SEEDSTER” in Spain at Puerto Banus, Costa del Sol, hosted by Jesper Buch the founder of Just-Eat.



Feel free to contact the Race to the Moon team: rttm@mci.sdu.dk