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Cooperation to retain young people

The University of Southern Denmark, the Municipalities of Tønder and Kreis Nordfriesland enter into cooperation about retaining young people in the region.

It has to do with the future of the border region between the Southwestern Denmark and Northern Germany. To ensure growth for the business community in the area, the SDU and the municipalities of Tønder and Kreis Nordfriesland have agreed on entering into collaboration. The parties will work for securing that business companies also in the future can recruit qualified staff, which will remain as residents in the region.


The collaboration entails that the municipalities of Tønder and Kreis Nordfriesland will put their company networks at the disposal of the University of Southern Denmark, specifically the Mads Clausen Institute in Sønderborg, allowing the institute to develop and expand its relations to the companies of the region. At the same time, the companies can draw upon the engineering students of the Mads Clausen Institute. They will obtain the possibility of completing their internship and write their final projects with the companies.


The parties expect that when the contact between students and companies has been established before the students graduate, it will lead to increased cooperation and employment, as seen in other parts of the region.

Editing was completed: 22.12.2014