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OJ Electronics got inspired by SDU students

The Innovation and Business programme (IB) at SDU combines engineering, innovation, and business sense. And this is useful to industry. Recently, students from the engineering programme presented their ideas on how to solve tasks and challenges set by OJ Electronics during a project collaboration. The collaboration was valuable to both students and company.

By Sune Holst, , 1/17/2019

Since 1 September, IB engineering students from SDU have worked intensively on a string of challenges set by OJ Electronics, one of Sønderborg’s big companies in the field of electronics. Last Monday, the students presented their ideas and solutions to representatives from the company. 

- Both the process and the outcome of the project collaboration is relevant to us, says Innovation and R&D Director Tom Toft Kragh from OJ Electronics.

Split up in four groups, the students presented their individual ideas on how OJ Electronics can maintain and strengthen their leading position in the global market of eg control of under-floor heating. The students’ ideas covered a wide field from optimisation of data collection and use of artificial intelligence, to development of the company’s homepage and a specific suggestion for at prototype.    

Fresh eyes

The Innovation and R&D Director was impressed of what was presented to him and his colleagues. 

- We were introduced to four more or less applicable ways to go. There are ideas that we can choose to pursue. There are ideas that we already have in the pipeline, and others that are more complex and long-term. 

Students push us forward

Tom Toft Kragh is praising the students for all being strong personalities capable of standing up and presenting their ideas and opinions.  

- We really do like the Innovation and Business programme that is combining engineering and innovation with commercial aspects. It has been interesting to meet and team up with the students. Exciting things and input might pop up and push us forward. We really like that.  

Every year, thousands of students are involved in industrial collaboration, where students are working on a case that is to end up with them offering the project partner a suggested solution to a specific challenge or problem. Given the students’ high professional level, the enterprises are guaranteed an unprejudiced view on the matter. The students work in teams which gives them the possibility and energy to engage in tasks of a considerable size.

Editing was completed: 17.01.2019