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Companies are invited to Matchmaking Engineering Event at SDU Sønderborg

SDU Sønderborg is hosting the Matchmaking Engineering Event at Alsion on Tuesday 8 October where companies and students will have the opportunity of getting to know each other before possibly agreeing on student jobs, internships or thesis collaboration. And it is worthwhile coming – also for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

- It resembles speed dating a little, says owner of Swienty A/S, Bjørn Andresen, with a smile.

Four times, his company has successfully taken part in the Matchmaking Engineering Event at SDU Sønderborg. Even though that contact information and phone numbers might be exchanged as if it was a speed dating event, there is absolutely no kissing at the event but instead motivated students ready to collaborate with a company either through a student job, internship, thesis writing or the like. 

Bjørn Andresen says that for companies it means of course some extra work to attend the event, but the engineering students that he is able to attract are doing a great job, and they are worth the efforts.

- If they have the commitment and competencies, we will let them grow in our organisation.

A good example is former mechatronics student Sveinn D. Einarsson who started out performing simple tasks in the company’s workshop and ended up doing nothing but design engineering; including everything from computer sketching and laser cutting, to mounting and adjustment.

- We are trying to unfold as many student ideas as possible. 

Thus, the owner of Swienty warmly recommends the Matchmaking Engineering Event at SDU Sønderborg.

Tuesday 8 October in the Atrium of Knowledge Park Alsion

15.00-15.30: Welcome and company presentations
15.30-17.00: Networking with students and further dialogue as to student job, internship and thesis writing

Further information
The event is free of charge. 
To register, please contact Bolette Gadkjær Smidemann – SDU MCI,
Tel.: +45 6550 9652, e-mail:
Registration deadline: 28.09.18
Editing was completed: 14.09.2018