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Study programmes across the border

The Mads Clausen Institute and Fachhochschule Flensburg have launched a new cross-border education programme.

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (FH Flensburg) have reached a milestone in the cross-border cooperation. Under the presence of Anke Spoorendonk, European Affairs Minister for Schleswig-Holstein, Sydslesvigsk Vælgerforening (South Schleswig electors’ association - SSW), head of campus and head of institute for MCI, SDU, Horst-Günter Rubahn, and the president of FH Flensburg Holger Watter signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) about a cross-border education programme within the engineering study programmes. In the future, bachelor programmes can be combined with master programmes at SDU. During their studies, the students have to complete regional projects and theses on both universities. Thus, the graduates will not only receive a diploma but also a certificate on the cross-border education.

European Affairs Minister Anke Spoorendonk described the agreement between the two universities as a political milestone for further education across the border.

-The exchange between SDU and FH Flensburg is of utmost importance for the region. We must do everything we can to maintain skilled workforce in the region, said Spoorendonk. In relation to this the minister drew the attention to the Danish-German conference, which will be held May 2 2016 on Campus Flensburg.

-This certificate is a road-map for future possibilities for both universities and an important foundation for a loyal cooperation, said the president of FH Flensburg, Holger Watter.

Certificate for cross-border candidate

With head of campus of SDU Horst-Günter Rubahn, the president of FH Flensburg presented the first certificate to MSc in Engineering Kari Kleine. Kari Kleine, who is 28 years old and was raised in Flensburg, finished his master’s degree in Innovation and Business at SDU. Prior, he completed a bachelor programme in Energie- und Umweltmanagement at FH Flensburg. With this certificate, Kari Kleine will continue to be part of the research environment at SDU and will initiate a PhD.

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