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MCI Insights newsletter

At the Mads Clausen Institute (MCI), we commit ourselves to take an active part in society. We disseminate the knowledge that our researchers provide, and we share it with society.  

This is the reason why you receive this newsletter. To a large extent, knowledge and new progress is created when researchers and external partners collaborate on specific issues and challenges. The interaction of Danish university research with society is a success and a strong driver in the development of Denmark. 

The Mads Clausen Institute seeks to strengthen the regional competitiveness within manufacturing in Southern Denmark and Northern Germany. Therefore, this monthly newsletter will tell the story of technological progress, research achievements and latest news within fields that can support the surrounding industry to not only maintain but also improve its position of strength. 

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Issue 3 - March 2019


Issue 2 -  December 2018


Issue 1 - November 2018