Celltom Innovation Workshop Imaging

Bluish image of a handheld imaging device and small medical beakers. Two persons in the background, only their hands are visible.

About the workshop


This workshop brings together researchers, technology developers, and medical staff working on the area of bioimaging and related fields. Within the Interreg project Celltom, the service center VISION has been established to provide access to and related consultancy on several imaging techniques: optical coherence tomography (OCT), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy and helium ion microscopy (HIM). While a part of this workshop will be dedicated to these techniques, it will also focus on related techniques relevant for bioimaging.


12.00   Lunch in Café Alsion 
 13.00   Welcome
13.10    Digital descriptive autopsy - how to forecast individual life periods?
Prof. Klaus Kayser
 13.55   Spontaneous Raman for imaging cells and tissue
Martin Hedegaard, SDU Biotechnology
14.15    Comparison of Tico-Raman concepts towards faster imaging acquision
Hubertus Hakert, Universität zu Lübeck, MLL
 14.30   Intraoperative tissue differentiation with OCT
Marc Krug, OpmedT
 14.50   Towards real time histology: Importance of resolution and imaging speed
Michael Münter, Universität zu Lübeck, BMO
 15.05    Break
 15.20   Recent developments in correlative microscopy
Dr. Jörg Lindenau, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions
 15.40   Multi-modal imaging with Helium-ion microscopy and X-ray tomography
Till Leißner, SDU NanoSYD
 15.55    Final remarks

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Celltom is part-financed by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark by means from the European Regional Development Fund. Read more about Interreg-Deutschland Danmark on Interreg5a.eu


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