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Laboratory for Coherent Education and Learning

The Laboratory for Coherent Education and Learning (LSUL) is a strategic research, development and education collaboration between the Faculty of Science at SDU and the professional colleges UCL and UC Syd – all located in the Southern region of Denmark. LSUL brings together experts, students and practitioners in mathematics, science and technology from day care to higher education and focuses on research, development and education in the science and technology area of the education system.

Our STEM approach

"We do not have a series of stratified earths, one of which is mathematical, another physical, etc. We should not be able to live very long in any one taken by itself. We live in a world where all sides are bound together; all studies grow out of relations in the one great common world."
John Dewey (1901), The Child and Society


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is an interdisciplinary approach that can help provide insight into the major challenges of the time such as energy efficiency, resource consumption and environmental quality. We basically work on STEM being identified as interdisciplinary. In doing so, the focus is not only on science and mathematics, as STEM must strengthen the focus on technology in school and STEM must recognize engineering as a key element of problem solving and innovation, not least for career and social reasons. With STEM as a starting point, teaching can get closer to the knowledge front and real problem solving. It provides us with a toolbox to gain knowledge, attitudes, and skills in identifying issues and problems in the real world. Furthermore, being able to describe the natural and designed world and draw evidence-based conclusions on STEM-related problems.

Current projects in LSUL are: