Urban Metabolism of Odense

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Jihan Jamo 

Master Thesis – Environmental Technology - 2017

The aim of the thesis is to study the dynamic flows of Odense city and to highlight the implications of the urbanization within the period (1980-2016). Hence to understand the sustainability challenges of Odense city and fulfill the objectives of the thesis, an analysis of the city metabolism will be conducted. The analysis will include a definition and quantification of the material flows of inputs (energy, water, food, construction materials) and outputs ( solid waste, emissions, wastewater , construction waste) within the city. Material flows data collection will be carried out based on peer review studies, official sites and personal meetings with employees in different departments in the city. The collected data will cover the time span 1980-2016 and will be used to find solutions for the resource consumption and to optimize strategies for the future of the city.

Collaboration Partners
Odense municipality
Fjernvarme Fyn
VandCenter Syd
Odense Nord Miljøcenter 

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