Aarup as a district heating island

Christian Sjøstrann Jørgensen

Master Thesis – Energy technology - 2016

This master thesis investigates, if district heating at 40 °C with booster units at the consumer for hot water preparation, is an alternative to 60 °C district heating, or continued individual heating for the town of Aarup on Funen in year 2035. The focus is on the low temperature district heating aspect and the booster units needed for hot water preparation.

The investigated scenarios consist of two reference scenarios; the current gas based configuration and an individual heat pump configuration, and 7 district heating scenarios. Six of these scenarios are low temperature scenarios with different booster units at the consumer and the last one is a 60 °C normal temperature district heating scenario.
All scenarios are then modelled in EnergyPro in order to find the private- and socioeconomically most attractive solutions.

Collaboration partners
Fjernvarme Fyn A/S
EMD International A/S

Related research projects
Energiplan Fyn
A study of possible district heating solutions for the Aarup area (Jeppe Mols og Ulrik Gregers Jørgensen, 2016)



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