Wastewater Heat Recovery with Heat Pumps in the Future Funish District Heating

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Morten Ratzer Pedersen and Filip Gamborg 

Bachelor Thesis – Energy Technology - 2016

This study aims to investigate the feasibility of the integration of heat, recovered from the wastewater treatment plant discharge via a heat pump, in the district heating in Odense. 

Simulations in EnergyPro and business- and socio economic analysis’ are the basis of the evaluation of three scenarios. These assess the effect of the PSO and electricity taxation on the business economy and the appertaining socio economic consequences are assessed. The resulting figures show that even in a scenario where electricity taxation and PSO tariff are removed the project only has a payback period of ten years. An analysis, disregarding the electricity production from CHP units, on the other hand show that the project has a payback period of around seven years when PSO is removed. One of the key outcomes is that taxation and subsidies for different technologies are of crucial importance and must be settled before investing in this type of project. 

Collaboration Partners 
Fjernvarme Fyn - www.fjernvarmefyn.dk 
VandCenter Syd - www.vandcenter.dk 

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