Writing Resources for Clinical Research

The website has been developed through a collaboration between the Department of Clinical Research (Klinisk Institut) and the Graduate Programme (FUP) in Clinical Research. Our primary goal is to help researchers write scientific documents more effectively.

The number and quality of academic publications – especially in peer-reviewed journals – is central to the success of a research department. We wish to support this process by providing activities and resources, for example:
- writing courses and workshops (primarily FUP courses for PhD students)
- a Writing Café for help and advice on scientific writing
- writing tips and links via this website
Our focus is on developing people’s own writing skills to help them become successful, independent research writers with a good track record in effective and ethical scientific publications.

We understand the challenges of academic writing – especially in a second language – and aim for well-structured and well-written scientific text that presents a clear message.

This website will be updated from time to time to keep you in touch with new or altered courses, and with additional writing tips and links. 

Writing courses and workshops

Academic writing is both a science and an art. Writing an effective journal article requires a sound knowledge of the science, a good sense of logic and an ability to analyse the text – to see what is written and how it is written. These writing skills usually need to be learnt and come with practice, not only by recognising your own writing style, but also by discussing and analysing others’ texts and their meaning and interpretation.

The writing courses and workshops offered by the Graduate Programme in Clinical Research

focus on different aspects of academic writing in English and are targeted towards PhD students. The courses are a combination of lecture, group work and written tasks with an emphasis on active student participation and a relaxed class atmosphere.

We recommend you do some courses earlier in your PhD e.g. Literature search strategies, Systematic Critical Literature Reading, How to structure a biomedical scientific research article, Level 1 English grammar.
Later courses could include: Refining your manuscript for submission to a journal, Poster presentation, Level 2 English grammar.

You can see an overview of the courses offered by the Graduate Programme in Clinical Research here.

The Graduate Programme for Social Studies in Medicine offers a writing course specifically for health researchers who draw on qualitative methods. For details click here

Videncentret, the medical library at OUH, offers free introduction courses several times a month, related to literature search and reference management (Endnote). For details  click here

Tip of the month

First, that Oxford comma again. Also known as the serial comma, this can determine which guests turn up to a party (search the Internet for ‘serial comma Stalin Kennedy’ if you do not know this one). And now a US court has ruled a $10 million payment due to a missing Oxford comma!

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Tip of the Month

Are Americanisms taking over British English?

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