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The Department of Clinical Research has the responsibility for research at Odense University Hospital. 

The department is not a physical building, but acts by integrating all the research facilities at the hospitals in Odense and Svendborg. The clinical research activities extend over all the health specialties.

The department secretariat and management of the Department of Clinical Research are located in Winsløwparken 19, 3rd floor in Odense. 

How many employees does the department have?

Number of employees: 721

  • PhD Students: 112
  • Adjuncts and Postdocs: 78
  • Ekstern Associate Professors: 25
  • Associate Professors and Clinical Associate Professors: 236
  • Professors and Clinical Professors: 120
  • Research Assistants: 26
  • Technical/Administrative Staff: 69
  • Adjunct professors: 54
  • Adjunct associate professors: 3

Last update: Oktober 2021

There is some uncertainty about the numbers  due to the new HR system.

Contact information

The department secretary

Responsible for page: Department of Clinical Research

Last Updated 07.10.2021