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2009 Hanne Lindegaard MD PhD: SARA-study: Synovitis suppression and systemic disease in advanced rheumatoid arthritis. Project group: P Junker, T Lorenzen, K Hørslev-Petersen.

2010 Anne Voss MD PhD: LUPUS-study: Systemisk lupus erythematosus, SLE, i Region Syddanmark. Kliniske, kardiovaskulære og immunologiske aspekter. Project group: Helle Laustrup, Susan Due Kay, Peter Junker.

2010 Louise Diederichsen MD PhD: Idiopatiske inflammatoriske myopatier (IIM). SPECT-MYODAN: billeddannelse ved IIM. Project group: J Simonsen, S Hvidsten.

2012 Brian Bridal Løgstrup MD PhD: Speckletreck EKKO, CT and MRI of the steroid and treatment naïve rheumatoid arthritis heart. Project group: T Ellingsen, A Hedemann-Nielsen.

2012 Chresten Lykkegaard Andersen MD PhD: Eosinophilia in routine blood samples as a biomarker for solid tumor, hematological malignancies and cancer among rheumatoid arthritis. Project group: VP Siersma, HC Hasselbalch, H Lindegaard, P Feldrup, NdF Olivarius, OW Bjerrum.

2012 Louise Pyndt Diederichsen, MD, PhD: Heart involvement in adults with polymyositis or dermatomyositis - a multicentre study.

2014 Thøger Persson Krogh MD PhD: Achilles tendionopathy. Treatment perspectives on Platelet enriched plasma injections. A double-blinded RCT-study. Project group: T Ellingsen, U Fredberg, R Christensen.

2014 Thøger Persson Krogh MD PhD: Jumpers Knee. Treatment perspectives on Platelet enriched plasma injections. A double-blinded RCT-study. Project group: T Ellingsen, U Fredberg, R Christensen.

2014 Annemarie Lyng Svenssson MD PhD: Multifactorial Intervention Preventing Cardiovascular Disease In Patients With Early Rheumatoid Arthritis: Protocol for a Multicenter, Prospective Randomized Open, Blinded Endpoint Trial (ERACORI). Project group: T Ellingsen, R Christensen, F Persson, BB Løgstrup, A Giraldi, C Graugaard, U Fredberg, TB Laurberg, IMJ Hansen, A Colic, P Ahlquist, HS Jensen.

2014 Helle Laustrup MD PhD: Prediction of ”poor clinical outcome” in a cohort of patients from Southern Denmark with ANCA associated vasculitis. An epidemiological, clinical and serological study. Project group: A Voss, N Heegaard, N Marcussen, PF Højlund-Carlsen, R Christensen and T Ellingsen.

2014 Keld-Erik Byg MD: ’Kohortestudie: Cellulær og molekylær karakterisering af spinalvæske fra patienter med mistanke om centralnervesystempåvirkning med arbejdsdiagnosen systemiske bindevævssygdomme: Sarkoidose, morbus Behcet, Cogan, blandet bindevævssygdomme og systemisk lupus erythematosus’. Project group: A Voss, H Laustrup, T Ellingsen.

2014 Charlotte Hyldgaard MD PhD: Fibrosis in the lung in early DMARD naïve Rheumatoid arthritis. Project group: T Ellingsen, M Axelsen, F Andersen.

2014 Louise Pyndt Diederichsen, MD PhD: Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies - Epidemiological, pathophysiological, diagnostic imaging and treatment aspects.

2015 Thøger Persson Krogh MD PhD: Ultrasound of 400 healthy elbows evaluating tendon thickness, Doppler activity and bony spurs. Project group: S Kålund, U Fredberg, T Ellingsen.

2015 Thøger Persson Krogh MD PhD: Comparison of ultrasound findings in epicondylitis lateralis with healthy controls. Project group: T Ellingsen, U Fredberg.

2015 Thøger Persson Krogh Md PhD: Ultrasound of patella and achilles tendon of 209 football players in tje Superliga at beginning and end of season. N Trolle, T Ellingsen, U fredberg.

2015 Thøger Persson Krogh MD PhD: Shockwave treatment compared with placebo shockwave treatment of patella tendinopathy. A double-blinded RCT study with 3 months follow-up. Project group: JK Astrup, C Kved, L Bolvig, T Ellingsen, U Fredberg.

2015 Tue Bennike MD PhD: Proteomics and citrullination in the colon in colitis ulcerosa, spondylarthropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. Project group: V Andersen, A Stensballe, H Glerup, G Christiansen, S Birkelund, T Ellingsen, OK Bonderup, TG Carlsen.

2015 Louise Pyndt Diederichsen, MD, PhD: Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies - diagnostic imaging, treatment and epidemiological aspects.

2016 Brian Løgstrup, MD PhD: Heart Failure and ischemic heart disease in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Project group: M Mæng, T Ellingsen, HE Bødtker.

2016 Kasper Søltoft Larsen, MD PhD: Cardiovascular Effects of Hydroxychloroquine Treatment among Danish Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients - a population based on Danish Cohort Study. Project group: J Hallas, M C M Wasco (Pittston, USA), A Pedersen, T Ellingsen.

2016 Heidi Lausten Munk, MD PhD: Cartilage collagen type IIA N-terminal propeptide in axial spondyloarthritis. A potential marker of osteochondroproliferation as assessed by serial radiographs and magnetic resonance imagings. Project group: Pedersen SJ mf. Junker P.

2017 Jens Kristian Pedersen, MD PhD: Behandling med antidepressive lægemidler hos patienter med nyopdaget leddegigt og matchede kontroller. Project group: K Andersen, A J Svendsen, K Hørslev-Petersen.

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