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Methods and research strategy

Research strategy


In April 2008 H.C. Andersen’s Child Hospital at Odense University Hospital (OUH) were opened. The vision has been to connect research and clinic together in the child hospital. One of the important elements in H.C. Andersen’s Child hospital (HCA) at OUH is the cooperation between different areas of specialisation (children’s diseases, child surgery, child psychiatry, diagnostic imaging, genetics etc.) and the interdisciplinary cooperation between doctors, nurses, and other professional groups at the children’s hospital.

Research strategy

We would like for the Paediatric Research Unit at HCA to be dimensioned so that it may take use of the most important advantages at the H.C. Andersen’s Child Hospital to create a dynamic and productively research environment on a regional, national, and international level. The overall research strategy is "The child in the centre: Development, disease, and prevention".

‘The child in the centre’ should be understood both biological and psychological – socially. Research concerning children and children’s development requires a general understanding of different aspects in terms of children, including physiological, psychological, ethical, and social relations. These aspects may both affect the child’s development positively or negatively. We believe research in children’s diseases is central for the improvement of our patient treatment, and it is an important field because of the geographical position in H.C. Andersen’s Children’s Hospital. Research in prevention is highlighted as an important focus area especially the importance of environment and lifestyle in health and diseases, but it is also an identification of biological risk factors with the opportunity  for interventions.