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Use this online tool to create an overview with REDCap!

Data security and the use of REDCap

REDCap is a worldwide online system developed specifically for non-commercial clinical research. If you use REDCap via OPEN, the entered data will be stored on OPEN's servers in the Region of Southern Denmark. Data is entered via an encrypted connection and fulfil the demands for data protection. All data entries and changes are logged in REDCap; therefore the database may store e.g. social security number and also meets the GCP requirements for use of eCRF, when conducting medical trials.

Options in REDCap

  • Online randomisation
  • Direct entry of clinical data, while you have the patient in for consultation
  • The option of double data entry from paper 
  • Online data entry, makes it possible to register data when and where it suits you - all you need is the Internet
  • Electronic questionnaires distributed via E-boks
  • Calendar functions
  • Overview at both project- and patient level
  • Report function 
  • Dispensing of data to statistic software programs e.g. STATA, SAS, R and Excel

Who may use OPEN's REDCap installation?

OPEN offers the use of REDCap for data entry of clinical data, questionnaire data etc. REDCap can be used via OPEN by researchers in the Region of Southern Denmark and at the University of Southern Denmark. For researchers in the Region of Southern Denmark and the Department of Clinical Research, SDU, both the use of REDCap and OPEN data management are free of charge. However for larger projects an individual assessment will be made, to settle the question of financing. Please find more information in regards to financing of projects from  other departments at the University of Southern Denmark under Application to OPEN.

Procedure for establishing a REDCap project

Once you have applied for collaboration with OPEN and the admission meeting has taken place, the process of establishing your REDCap database may begin. The standard procedure for the use of OPEN's REDCap installation is that you develop the project database yourself. Before starting this development you have a REDCap introduction meeting with your personal OPEN data manager, the same data manager can be contacted continuously when in need of assistance.   

OPEN data manager tasks

  • Establishment of the project and administration of user rights
  • Introduction to REDCap on the basis of your project
  • Guidance in the construction of the forms, validation rules and the codebook
  • Ongoing assistance during the establishment and use of the REDCap database as well as when extracting data from the database
  • Evaluation of the project in REDCap, once the researcher has the forms ready
  • Taking the project from the development environment and into the production environment, now the database is ready for use
  • Deletion of data/data transfer to the State Archives  at the end of the approval from the Danish Data Protection Agency

Who can use your data?

Data is always the project owner’s and should external individuals be interested in the project data (based on the description of the project at OPEN's website), OPEN will contact to the project owner, who will then make the decision of whether a research collaboration is of interest.

Last Updated 05.11.2019