OPEN offers advice in all aspects of the research process to researches and research students at Odense University Hospital and Department of Clinical Institute, University of Southern Denmark.

  • Do you wish to begin a new project, but need advice to get started?
  • Do you have valid data in your department, which you could use?
  • Do you need help for an ongoing project?

Advice is provided by members of OPEN’s scientific, administrative and technical staff and covers a range of topics. 

Get advice on epidemiological research methods

OPEN is able to advice you early in the research planning process, because OPEN's staff includes several researches with years of experience within the area of clinical epidemiology, pharmaceutical epidemiology and genetic epidemiology.

Get access to public registries

OPEN's epidemiological researchers use the public registries in their work, which includes the large Danish clinical quality databases, the registries under Sundhedsdatastyrelsen (Danish Health Data Authority) and Statistics Denmark. Registries could be the basis of a concrete epidemiological research project or a supplement to the clinical data collected on a specific patient cohort. OPEN can advise you concerning the access to the public registries, which registries to choose and the differences between using data from SSI or Statistics Denmark.

Explore data and biological material in OPEN

Is data and/or biological material from an already existing OPEN project relevant for your project? Or do you have an idea to gain new knowledge from these existing OPEN data and/or biological material in a new project? Let us help you.

Qualitative research methods and statistics

OPEN's Professor in nursing has great experience within the qualitative research area and is therefore able to advice you within this area. Additionally, OPEN’s biostatistician can advise you on choice, application (in STATA and R) and interpretation of biostatistical methods as well as power calculations and presentation of quantitative results.

Get advice on data security, legislation and ethics

Both OPEN's administrative, technical and scientific staff possesses competence and experience concerning current legislation in regards to project approvals, data processing and data security. 

Get the answer to the following questions: 

Danish data Protection Agency (regional collective permissions)

How and when does a project apply for approval under the regional collective permission?

  • Which region should a project apply under (correctly and practically) when the project is a multisite study?
  • When do you need patient consent?
  • When and how may data be passed on to another project?
  • How and where may data be processed and stored?
  • What is going to happen with the data once the project is finished?

Ethics Committee

  • Which type of projects must be approved by the Ethics Committee?
  • When can we speak of intervention?
  • How must the patient consent?  

Danish Patient Safety Authority

  • Which type of projects must be approved by the Danish Patient Safety Authority?

Data validity, building schemes and randomization

  • How do you ensure valid data?
  • Which validation rules should be considered?
  • What is a codebook?
  • How do you build a questionnaire?
  • What does it mean when a randomisation is stratified?

Other topics

The list of topics is not final, so even though your question does not fit into any of the categories above, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Advice is given per email, phone or at personal meetings as agreed upon. Please send an email: or dial: +45 2916 6730, if you need an answer to your questions. If you contact OPEN by email - please remember to attach relevant material.

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