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Secure storage of your research data

Why is OPEN Storage a safe solution?

OPEN Storage is an environment designed for storing pseudo anonymised research data on a platform that comply with current requirements to data protection. The environment can be used as a storage space for large amounts of data such as images, audio files, sensor data, etc. In addition, OPEN Storage can be used as an analytical platform if a project needs to use software that is not available in OPEN's analysis environment OPEN Analyse.

OPEN Storage serves as a terminal server solution where the researcher's PC is the terminal while data is stored and processed safely on OPEN's servers in the Region of Southern Denmark. The analysis environment consists of disk space with logging of file access.

Who can use OPEN Storage?

Projects that are or will be admitted to OPEN can use OPEN Storage.

Researchers in the Region of Southern Denmark and the Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark (SDU), can use OPEN Storage free of charge.

Paying projects that already use or wish to use, OPEN's REDCap installation are already billed for data management hours. Data management in connection with OPEN Storage will not give rise to additional costs for these projects, unless you need data processing hours beyond the agreed hours. Storage of data in OPEN Storage is free of charge for up to 200 GB, the project will be invoiced DKK 2,000 for each additional 300 GB made available.

For projects from other SDU Departments that need access to OPEN Storage, administration, access, operation and use of OPEN Storage will be invoiced according to OPENs price list found under the page: Application to OPEN 

How do I access OPEN Storage?

You can access OPEN Storage by applying for the admission of your project into OPEN, application forms are available on the page: Application to OPEN. If your project is already admitted into OPEN, e.g. by using REDCap, you must simply send an email to, then an addition to the existing license agreement will be made.

Please contact us if you have any needs, which currently cannot be met in OPENs environments or you are uncertain about OPEN Storage being the right solution for your project.