Make a Statistical Analysis Plan

Before carrying out the study, a statistical analysis plan describes which analyses are planned and how they will be conducted. This increases the study's credibility and also ensures that the protocol describes all necessary steps to investigate the required research hypotheses. OPEN can assist in creating a statistical analysis plan as part of/extension of the study protocol. 

Receive assistance on power calculations

OPEN helps with completing power calculations when planning studies, for use in protocols, applications and statistical analysis plans.

Statistical guidance

OPEN can provide guidance in the execution of statistical analyses for OPEN’s projects, including the use of statistical software (Stata and R).

Specific statistical analyses 

After individual agreement, it is possible for OPEN’s statistician to conduct concrete statistical analyses for projects, potentially against a fee. In this context, co-authorship is agreed upon according to the Vancouver rules.

Interpretation of statistical results and limitations

OPEN helps with the interpretation of statistical results as well as the assessment of methodological limitations, their potential effect on the results of the analyses and how these can be further illustrated by sensitivity analyses or the like.

Dissemination of statistical methods and results

OPEN helps with the dissemination of statistical results, including the selection of appropriate tabular and graphical presentations of the results. In addition, OPEN also helps describe the used methods accurately and sufficient in publications.

How do I receive guidance?

Guidance is mainly for clinicians (physicians, nurses etc.) who do not receive PhD guidance at the Department of Public Health at the PhD course Biostatistics I. Send an email to: or call: + 45 2916 6730 if you need answers to your questions. Please remember to enclose relevant material.

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