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The randomisations is done with just af few clicks. OPEN Randomise is web-based and thereby only requires access to the Internet.  OPEN Randomise is suitable for multisite studies because the program is available around the clock.


  • Choose block randomisation with similar og changing block sizes.
  • Choose different stratification types freely: E.g. age, gender etc.
  • The settings for OPEN Randomise are made by OPEN's data manager, who also allocates user rights.


The person performing the randomisation can also be blinded, since the settings for OPEN Randomise are made by OPEN's data manager.

Multisite studies

OPEN Randomise can handle any number of different sites with any number of users.


If desired, OPEN Randomise can send an e-mail to an optional email address each time a randomisation is performed.

OPEN Randomise

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Last Updated 22.03.2019