OPEN's facilities

OPEN offers a range of tools and services, to your assistance as researcher

OPEN Biobank - store biological material

- Store your biological material in OPEN's Biobank!

  • Handled and registered by research laboratory technicians at the laboratory department 
  • Stored at -80oC in OUH's cold store
  • Dispensed on demand

REDCap - Research Electronic Data Capture

- Use this worldwide online program to provide a project overview!

  • Register data via the Internet - anywhere, any time
  • Data logging and secure storage directly on OPEN's server under the Region of Southern Denmark
  • Data is extracted to Stata, SPSS, SAS, R or Excel

OPEN Randomise - Internet-based randomisation

- Randomise your subject electronically and easy!

  • The interface is customised to meet your randomisation requirements
  • Internet-based randomisation makes your physical location subordinate and is therefore suitable for multi-center surveys 
  • Easy overview of the number of patients recruited

OPEN Registry - tools and guidance

- Start an OPEN register survey and benefit from our expertise in this area!

  • OPEN offers our expertise and advice within register research 
  • Access to research data from OPEN's projects after agreement with the project owner
  • Access to data from Statistics Denmark and Sundhedsdatastyrlesen (Danish Health Data Authority)- OPEN will help you apply for your own authorisation

OPEN Analyse - analysis environment for research data

- Use OPEN's analysis environment, a safe solution for the analysis of your research data!

  • Accessed via VPN - anytime, anywhere
  • Data analysis using STATA, R or Excel
  • Logging of file access and secure data storage on OPEN's server in Southern Denmark

OPEN Statistics - Guidance and data analysis

- Receive guidance before, during and after the data collection!

  • OPEN offers statistical guidance throughout the project procedure
  • Guidance for e.g. power calculations, choice of statistical methods or in the analysis phase
  • Completion of concrete analyses for the project

OPEN Advice - consultation for researchers

- Make use of the opportunity for free help and guidance!

  • Advice for researches and research students
  • Topics: Epidemiological and qualitative research methods, public registers, use of data from OPEN, project approvals, safe storage of research data, validation rules for questionnaires, statistics etc. 
  • Advice is provided by members of OPEN’s scientific, administrative and technical staff

PR - Visibility of your project

- Make your project visible and open up for new collaborations

  • Announcement at OPENs website
  • Announcement in KI NEWS
  • Announcement in other media as agreed
  • Free hand-outs with fact of your project and OPEN for use when attending congresses and meetings

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