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Anders Green

Anders Green, Professor
Tel.: +45 40 88 77 75
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Own research projects:

OP_60 CanEpid - Cancer in Denmark: Epidemiological characteristics and prognosis: The purpose of the project is to provide epidemiological profiles of a number of selected types of cancer, with a focus on establishing models for the future prevalence of cancer diseases on the basis of observed epidemiological characteristics. For more information on CanEpid, please see the presentation held at the International Health Conference in London, june 2016: CanEpid Presentation

OP_61 CUP - Cancer with Unknown Primary tumor: Characteristics of the diagnostic investigation process: The present project utilizes already available data in the central health registers for a characterization of the diagnostic work-out which precedes a diagnosis of cancer with unknown primary tumor (CUP).

OP_68 Diabetes Impact Study 2013: The project aims to characterize the epidemiological dynamics and trends of diabetes in Denmark in the period 2000-2011 (incl.). In addition, to use historical data to estimate future scenarios in diabetes, provided that investments in prevention and treatment are made. In addition, the study will shed light on the economic and socio-economic impact of diabetes, both at individual and at society level, providing knowledge of importance for the capacity-building and prioritization in diabetes care.

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