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Christine Stabell Benn

Christine Stabell Benn, Clinical Professor
OPEN, Statens Serum Institut
Tel.: +45 25 88 39 64
Area of interest: Epidemiology, Global Health, Non-specific effects of vaccines and vitamins.
See Christine Stabell Benn's publication- and activity list here.

Supervisor for:

 Frederik Schaltz-Buchholzer, phd student. 

Sebastian Nielsen, phd student.

Anne Marie Rosendahl Madsen, phd student.

Hanna Theresia Linnea Andersson, thesis student.

Ingeborg Einersdatter Haflan, thesis student.

Andreas Ravn Andersen, thesis student.

Søren Kaastrup Kolmos, thesis student.

Bandim Health Project

The Bandim Health Project is a health project in Guinea-Bissau i West Africa. The core of the project consists of demographic surveillance and collects data of health, vaccinations, breastfeeding, illness and much more.

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Last Updated 27.04.2020