The Research Unit

Torben Barington, Professor, Head of OPEN
Tel.: +45 65 41 35 70 / Mobile: +45 29 62 83 62
Area of interest: Basic and clinical immunology.
Read more about Torben Barington here.

Katrine Hass Rubin, Associate Professor, PhD
Tel.: +45 21 26 19 66
Area of interest: Epidemiology and register-based research in combination with data from cohort studies with the main effort lying in osteoporosis, fracture epidemiology and -prevention.
Read more about Katrine Hass Rubin here.

Bo Abrahamsen, Clinical Professor, Professor, Consultant, PhD
Tel.:+45 93 56 61 51
Area of interest: Endocrinological and bone metabolic diseases, with emphasis on epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology and cohort studies in the field of osteoporosis. 
Read more about Bo Abrahamsen here.

Anders Green, Professor
Mail:, Tel.: +45 40 88 77 75
Areas of interest: Clinic-epidemiologic, social-medical and health economic aspects regarding chronic diseases (incl. diabetes, cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases) based on register data and clinical data. Models for projection of the epidemiological profiles of chronic diseases.
Read more about Anders Green here.

Mette Bliddal, Postdoc,PhD
Mail:, Tel.: +45 29 43 79 12
Area of interest: Reproductive epidemiology, maternal health, importance of weight and pregnancy-related weight change in women's long-term mental and physical health, cancer epidemiology, methodological approaches.
Read more about Mette Bliddal here.

Sören Möller, Adjunct, PhD
Tel.: +45 51 52 66 99
Area of interest: Statistical involvement in a wide range of epidemiological, clinical epidemiological and clinical studies. Untypical bias sources in statistical methods, geo-demographic confounders.
Read more about Sören Möller here.

Lise Hounsgaard, Professor, PhD
Tel.: +45 29 27 55 99
Area of interest: Nursing Research - health and disease, relative- and patient perspective, ethics
Read more about Lise Hounsgaard here.

Christine Stabell Benn, Clinical Professor
Mail:, Tel.: +45 32 68 83 54
Area of interest: Epidemiology, Global Health, Non-specific effects of vaccines and vitamins.
Read more about Christine Stabell Benn here.

Niklas Rye Jørgensen, Clinical Professor
Tel.: +45 38 63 24 56
Area of interest: Translational bone biology with special focus on the effects of loading and unloading on the skeleton, Use of bone turnover markers, Purinergic signalling in health and disease.
Read more about Niklas Rye Jørgensen here.

Ane Fisker, Lecturer
Mail:, Tel.: +45 32 68 83 66
Area of interest: Preventive health interventions on child health in low-income countries, including nonspecific effects of vaccines and vitamins.
Read more about Ane Fisker here.

Kirsten Ohm Kyvik, Professor, Head of Institute, PhD
Tel.: +45 65 50 30 46
Area of interest: Genetic epidemiology of clinical problems, especially the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk factors. Research ethics, research integrity.
Read more about Kirsten Ohm Kyvik here.

Erik Jakobsen, Consultant
Mail:, Tel.: +45 65 41 33 70
Area of interest: Register-based research, especially the use of data in the Danish Lung Cancer Register.
Read more about Erik Jakobsen here.


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