Lise Hounsgaard

Lise Hounsgaard, Professor, PhD
OPEN, University College Lillebaelt, University of Greenland
Tel.: +45 29 27 55 99
Area of interest: Nursing Research - health and disease, relative- and patient perspective, ethics
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  • Qualitative methods
  • Field work as a research approach
  • Arctic Health (Greenland)

Supervisor for: 

PhD-student, Stina Meyer Larsen, OPEN Odense Patient data Explorative Network, Odense University Hospital, OP_092 Development and implementation of a client-centered perspective - welfare technology for elderly, The project explores elderly citizens' perspective on processes of everyday change when adopting technology as well as the meaning of the citizen's perspective on the process of change when concerned with health professionals' delivery of technology. The research aim is to develop and implement evidence-based and client centred delivery of technology to the elderly.

PhD-student, Lea Deichmann Nielsen, OP_101, OP_101 Development of the MR-CRAS and validation of its measurement properties OPEN Odense Patient data Explorative Network, Odense University Hospital, The duration of mechanical restraint is particular prolonged among forensic psychiatric inpatients. Use of a risk assessment instrument during use of coercive measures has shown promising results in reducing the duration. However, no instruments exist for use during mechanical restraint. This project will focus on developing a short-term risk assessment instrument: Mechanical Restraint - Confounding-Risk-Alliance-Score (MR-CRAS), and validate its measurement properties among experts and forensic psychiatric staff.

PhD-student, Ingrid Charlotte Andersen, OPEN Odense Patient data Explorative Network, Odense University Hospital, OP_119 Participating in care characterized of transitions between hospital and home, The study examines how patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and close family members within a year manage to participate in their own care during and after hospitalization for exacerbation of COPD. It is designed as an ethnographic inspired fieldwork using the COPD assessment test (CAT), participant observations and interviews as methods. Results of the study may influence on a rethinking of self-management programs tailored to individual patient-family needs and preferences.

PhD-student, Anders Møller Jensen, OPEN Odense Patient data Explorative Network, Odense University Hospital, OP_163 Patients with dementia admitted to somatic hospital wards - a focus on dementia care and the use of psychosocial methods in the caring for patients with dementia, The study contributes to the body of knowledge in the area of hospitalization of patients with dementia, with a specific focus on staff use of psychosocial methods. The tension between the medicinally orientated focus and the needs associated with caring for patients with dementia is discussed in order to obtain an understanding of what is at stake for patients and staff.

PhD-student, Mikaela Augustussen, OPEN Odense Patient data Explorative Network, Odense University Hospital, OP_175 Palliative care for Greenlandic patients with advanced cancer in Greenland and Denmark, The aims of this study are to investigate symptomatology and health related quality of life of Greenlandic patients with advanced cancer, to identify relatives' satisfaction with palliative care and to examine the existing palliative care services.

PhD-student, Ellen Boldrup Tingleff, OPEN Odense Patient Data Explorative Network, Odense University Hospital, OP_217 Reduction of mechanical restraint in forensic psychiatry. Patient and relatives' perceptions and perspectives on mechanical restraint in forensic psychiatry, This project aims to generate knowledge about what characterizes the meaning forensic psychiatric patients and relatives' ascribe to perceptions of situations before, during and after MR episodes and to develop knowledge about what can reduce use and duration of MR.

PhD-student, Kirsten Johansen Katballe, OPEN Odense Patient data Explorative Network, Odense University Hospital, OP_310 Preventing Coercion among psychiatric outpatients by Early Recognition Method, The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of Early Recognition Method (ERM) on relapse, number of hospital admissions and application of coercive measures among outpatients in psychiatric care. ERM is a risk management tool, with focus on improving collaboration between caregiver and patient. The method describes identification of patients individual "Early Warning Signs" (EWS) of escalating psychosis, through caregiver - patient interviews. The Method is a longitudinal study, with mixed methods design, including case cross over. 125 patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder will be collected from Psychiatric outpatient clinics in the region of Southern Denmark. The method is presently used with success in some foreign forensic psychiatric hospitals.

PhD-student, Jette Marcussen, OPEN Odense Patient data Explorative Network, Odense University Hospital, OP_328 Mental health perspective on children's double bereavement of parental divorce and parental death, According to international studies, children with double bereavement have an increased risk of developing mental health problems. This study is searching for knowledge by the use of a phenomenological hermeneutic approach in three sub-studies. These studies focus on how Danish children experience double bereavement, their need of support and the double bereavements impact on children's mental health. Furthermore, they investigate how the health care system can intervene and support children with double bereavement.

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