Access to OPEN data/biobank

Data processing

Data in OPEN is stored under secure conditions in accordance with the following legislation:


If you find data or biological material from one of OPEN's projects could be of interest for you in your own research, please contact, OPEN will then take contact to the project responsible researcher with an eye to establish a possible collaboration as well as the possibility of access to the relevant data- or biobank. No extrations can be made from OPEN's data- or biobank without written consent from the project responsible researcher whom also is the OPEN licensee. Additionally, the necessary authorizations must be available, i.e., approval of the upcoming project from the Ethics Committee and/or the Danish Data Protection Agency as well as approval from the Danish Data Protection Agency of the established project's disclosure/availability of biological material and/or data.

Project responsible researcher/OPEN licensee

As the project responsible researcher you have signed a license agreement with OPEN. As an annex to this agreement you will find a statement of consent to be used for extration of data or biological material from OPEN. This statement is to be filled out, signed and handed over to the department in charge of handling samples. Requests for clinical data from the OPEN Projects database can be made by e-mail to OPEN's data managers. Data from the OPEN Projects database will the be made available to you via OPEN's secure SharePoint site. Licensees, who use OPEN's REDCap-solution, are able to extract their own data directly from the project database.

Sub-project responsible researcher in Odense Children's Cohort (OBK)

As sub-project responsible researcher in OBK your project is under OBK's license agreement, therefore it is the OBK licensee who has the ability to request for data or biological material from OPEN. You have made an agreement with OBK in which the procedure is stated. 

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