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Research projects

Current Research Projects

  • A placebo controlled, double-blind, randomized trial of discontinuation of antisecretory medication (PITT-STOP). Jon Eik Zwisler 2003.
  • Long term prognosis after peptic ulcer bleeding. Jane Møller Hansen 2005.
  • A placebo controlled randomized double blind study of effects of Losarthan in the prevention of incompensation of alcoholic cirrhosis. Annette Dam 2005.
  • Longitudinal follow-up of homeostasis, circulatory dynamics and renal function in alcoholic cirrhosis. Annette Dam 2005.
  • Nation wide identification and follow-up of patients with hereditary pancreatitis. Maiken Thyregod Jørgensen 2005.
  • Development of a MALDITOF based test for detection of pancreatic cancer. Maiken Thyregod Jørgensen 2005.
  • Dietary supplement with and without lactic acid bacteria for patients with active Crohn's disease. Lone Klinge
  • Monitoring regulatory and inflammatory cytokines in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Lone Klinge
  • The effect of a probiotic as adjuvant therapy for patients with active ulcerative colitis. Lone Klinge
  • Screening and eradication of Helicobacter pylori in 40- to 65-years old inhabitants of the county of Funen. Jane Møller Hansen 1999.

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