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The Bone and Mineral Research Group

Contact: Ass Professor, PhD Pernille Hermann,


The bone and Mineral Unit is a primary referral center for osteoporosis evaluation for a population of 0.4 mio and secondary and tertiary center for 1,2 mio. We evaluate and treat patients with calcium metabolic disorders including a number of skeletal disorders as well as Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (national referral Center).

 The overall goal of our research is to improve healthcare for patients with calcium metabolic diseases including a number of skeletal disorders.

Our research questions usually emerge from clinical practice, and through  collaboration we try to cover all aspects of  health science from molecular biology through epidemiology and clinical studies to qualitative research.

Our In-house methods are related to bone metabolism and -strength and include frontline technology: Dual Energy Absorptiometry, HRpQCT, and Microindentation.

Research area:

  • Clinical trials within the areas of osteoporosis, rare bone diseases, primary hyperparathyroidism, bone metabolism
  • Epidemiology of calcium- and bone metabolic diseases based on several Danish registries.
  • Diabetes and bone metabolism and -stucture
  • Thyroid diseases and bone structure
  • Bone disease in Mastocytosis
  • Bone metabolism in patients undergoing spine surgery
  • mHealth in osteoporosis
  • Methods for localizing parathyroid tumors
  • Quality of life issues


Ph.D students

  • Jens-Jacob Lauterlein
  •  Morten Steen Hansen


Senior Staff

  • Pernille Hermann
  •  Morten Frost
  • LarsFolkestad
  • Charlotte Ejersted
  • Vikram Vinod Shanogue


National and International Collaborators:

  • Sigurd Broesbye Olsen, Chief Physician, Ass Professor, Ph.D, Department of Dermatology OUH
  • Mikkel Andersen, Chief Physician, Ass Professor, Department of Spine Surgery, SLB
  • Poul-Flemming Høilund Carlsen, Professor, Chief Physician, MSci, Department of Nuclear medicine
  • Bo Abrahamsen, Professor, Chief Physician, Ph.d, Department of medicine, Holbæk Hospital
  • Daniel Pietro-Alhambra, Professor, Pharmaco- and Device Epidemiology, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.
  •  Anja Frederiksen, Chief Physician, Ass. Professor, Aalborg Hospital
  •  Jane Clemensen, Professor, Centre of Innovative Medicine and Technology, OUH
  • Torkell Ellefsen, Professor, Chief Physician, Department of Rheumatology, OUH
  • Stinus Hansen, Consultant, Ass Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital of South West Jutland



Last Updated 14.09.2020