Research projects and networking

Current projects


Mapping of transmission routes of Legionella pneumophila by use of full genome sequencing

Anne Marie Rosendahl Madsen, MD

The project uses full genome sequencing for comparison of isolates of L. pneumophila from patients and possible sources of infection and maps the distribution of different strains the bacterium in the tap water at OUH. In a case of hospital acquired legionnaires disease the source was convincingly identified. The project also revealed a large ongoing community outbreak of legionnaires disease with a unique type of L. pneumophila. The source of this outbreak has not been found. 


MRSA: virulensegenskaber og spredningspotentiale.

Marie Louise Slott Jensen, MD

This project will map the spread of MRSA type CC398 on Funen and parts of Jutland. In addition MRSA causing hospital outbreak at OUH will be characterized by whole genome DNA sequencing. The sequences obtained will be screened for virulence and antibiotic resistance genes. Comparisons of single nucleotide mutations are used to establish the relatedness of isolates and thereby routes of transmission.


Diagnostic tests for the detection of vector-borne infections

PhD Sanne Løkkegaard Larsen

As part of the establishment of a Clinical Centre for vector-borne infections at OUH a panel of PCR-assays specific for tick-borne bacteria will be made available. At first, assays to be established includes PCR assays for detection of Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Borrelia species, and an assay specific for B. myiomoii. Other diagnostic tests are to follow.

Research collaboration


Local collaboration

We collaborate with clinical departments at OUH and other hospitals in the region, as well as with other departments at SDU SDU. Ongoing research includes projects in collaboration with the departments of orthopaedic surgery at OUH and Lillebaelt hospital in Vejle, other departments of clinical microbiology in Region Southern Denmark, as well as Department of Biochemestry and Molecular Biology and Department of Molecular Medicine at SDU.

National collaboration

We currently have research projects in close collaboration with Slagelse Sygehus, Statens Serum Institut, Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen and Danish Technological Institute.