The research group for molecular diagnostics


Temp. appointed Head of
Research Unit,
Lead Molecular Biologist 
Marianne N. Skov

Molecular Biologist, PhD
Silje Vermedal Høgh

The research group for molecular diagnostics develops and uses DNA and RNA-based tests for the detection and characterization of disease-causing microorganisms. The assays are used for

1) diagnosis of infectious diseases in individual patients,

2) establishment of links between genes and pathogenicity in microbes.

3) monitoring of occurrence of infections, including outbreaks in hospitals and in the community.

The research group works within all parts of clinical microbiology including parasitology, bacteriology, virology, and infection control. Much of the development and research work arises from the current, local issues in the Department of Clinical Microbiology at Odense University Hospital. The group works with a strong translational aim, as new discoveries are rapidly transformed into practical clinical diagnostics for the benefit of effective diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Methodologically, the group works with a variety of classic and new molecular biology technologies including PCR and DNA sequencing. The department carries out both Sanger and Next Generation DNA sequencing. The results of molecular biological analyses are compared to phenotypic characteristics, including protein profiles and antibiotic resistance patterns, and to the clinical presentation of infection by individual microorganisms.

Research projects and networking