Research group in Biomedical Microbiology







Lektor Janne Kudsk Klitgaard

The research group works on molecular biology in pathogenic bacteria. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem both in and outside the hospital settings. Particularly antibiotic resistance in Staphylococci (here among MRSA) has a strong focus for the research group. Research is performed to explore solutions to the antibiotic resistance problem by combining antibiotics and helper substances with the aim to treat infections with resistant bacteria in the future. Another way to prevent the development of resistance is to examine how the resistance genes are expressed and regulated. With this knowledge, new substances can be found which can act as antibiotics or helping substances in the future. In the group, it is examined how small regulatory RNAs are involved in regulating resistance gene expression in Staphylococci.

The research group is working together with Associate Professor Birgitte Kallipolitis from the Microbiology Group at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SDU.

Research projects