Clinical Microbiology


Temp. appointed
Head of Research Unit, 
Lead molecular
biologist, DVM, PhD
Marianne Skov

Professor, Consultant
Hans Jørn Kolmos              

 Adjunct  Professor 
Derrick Crook


Professor, Consultant
Niels Nørskov-Lauritsen 



Welcome to the Clinical Microbiology research unit at Southern University (SDU) and Odense University Hospital. We have specialised in research in various areas in clinical microbiology and infection control.

Our research aims at optimising prevention, diagnostic, and treatment of infectious diseases with special emphasis on surveillance and control of the spread of dangerous microorganisms and microorganisms that are difficult to treat. Development of methods to prevent emergence of antibiotic resistance and hospital infections are fundamental elements in our research. Much of the research has a translational aim as the results that are obtained are used directly in practical and concrete initiatives such as better and faster diagnostic analyses, effective intervention in outbreaks and better antibiotic treatment.

The research environment becomes stronger through several initiatives including cooperation with other Danish and foreign institutions. You are most welcome to contact the research unit if you are interested in microbiologic research projects.