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For students


We always welcome curious and ambitious students in DCA lab. Please contact any of our members or pass by the lab to check out and discuss science and project opportunities.

We expect that our lab members

  • are dedicated researchers
  • are willing to share
  • are part of social activities

In return, we always dedicate ourselves to our students with the goal of creating a nice and motivating environment to maximize student and lab progression.


Comments from former students on being in DCA lab

I can only recommend the DCA-lab for anybody who are interested in progression of their scientific career  on a high and motivating level. Ditte is a great mentor and group leader that would help you to achieve goals yourself thought was unreachable. Combined that with a loving and helping lab-personal you simply can’t go wrong.
- Helene Juul Belling, Denmark, ISA and Master student in DCA lab 2017-2019.

Working at DCA's lab was a truly an amazing and eye-opening experience. An environment with high scientific integrity where innovative ideas were fostered continuously. Ditte is an amazing (crazy!!) scientist who is always giving 110% and definitely brings the best out of one's person. I'm truly grateful for my PhD years at your group Ditte, I can easily say that your experience definitely made a great impact on my career and personality.
- Rok Kosmina, Slovenia, PhD student in DCA lab 2013-2016.

In DCA lab there was an expectancy of a professional work with science, while there at the same time was room to be social, getting to know each other better and have a nice time. All under competent supervision from Ditte, and help and guidance of laboratory work by the lab technicians
- Pernille Gejl Pedersen
, Denmark, ISA and bachelor student 2018-19.

As a PhD student in the DCA-lab I gained both knowledge and insight into science and I went through a significant amount of personal development. The atmosphere in the lab was great and from time to time lab members participated together in social arrangements outside of the lab.  Ditte is a great supervisor, who expects a lot from you but at the same time encourages and motivates you as well as providing support when it is needed.
- Gunnhildur Asta Traustadottier, Iceland, PhD student in DCA-lab 2012-2015.

Being a student in DCA lab was very educational because of the high academic and scientific level held by Ditte and the other group members, along with a high degree of guidance and, not to mention, a relaxed and great social atmosphere."
- Sussi B. Mortensen, Denmark, Master and PhD student in DCA-lab, 2011-12 and 2018-20.

It was a great experience to have balanced life and study in Ditte's lab. The most important thing is the daily contact and supervision from Ditte and the kind and firm support from the other members in the lab. I enjoyed a lot.
- Shu Fang, China, RA and PhD student in DCA lab 2015-2020.

DCA lab is a bunch of amazing people that I'm really happy to have gotten to know and been able to work with. Ditte as a supervisor, has played a really big role in all three of my projects, Bachelor, ISA and Master and I am incredibly happy to have had her as a supervisor.
- Alexander Høgsted Ahlmann, Denmark, Bachelor, ISA and Master student in DCA lab 2017-2020


Last Updated 08.06.2021