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Center for Clinical Epidemiology has been an independent department at Odense University Hospital (OUH) since 2007 and is organizationally linked with the staff department, Clinical Development, OUH.

Clinical epidemiology and clinical epidemiological research are key functions with regard to evidence based patient treatment in a modern health care system and thus a key function in a modern university hospital.

Clinical epidemiology is a scientific discipline focusing on the patient, and clinical epidemiology includes analyses of the patients’ prognoses, for example which factors are of importance for the recovery or death of the patient. Diagnosis and treatment are key predictors for the patients’ prognosis, and therefore these two elements constitute the main cornerstone of clinical epidemiology, and the quality of diagnosis and treatment are key elements in the practice of evidence based patient treatment.

In Center for Clinical Epidemiology we perform clinical epidemiology at an international level. The aim is to support the improvement of patients’ diagnostics and treatment, and to improve the provided clinical quality of care, and we thus aim to improve the prognosis of the patients through

  • Consultancy to clinical departments and health care authorities within clinical epidemiology and analysis
  • Research at the highest international level within patient diagnostics, treatment, and prognosis
  • Development of methodologies for quality assessment within the health care system
  • Research training

The center activities can be divided into:

  1. Consultancy within clinical epidemiology and analysis 
    The center offers consultancy to a number of business partners / cooperators (local, regional, national) within clinical epidemiology, data analysis and various research assisting tasks. All projects are related to clinical epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment. Several research units at the regional hospitals have separate agreements with Center for Clinical Epidemiology, for example about the research unit having a half-time equivalent biostatistics at its disposal (for payment)
  2. Research and research education 
    All research activities at the center is affiliated with the Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark. We perform clinical research at an international level in cooperation with local, regional, national and international researchers and research institutions. The research unit publishes 25-30 peer reviewed papers internationally each year and receives research grants (national and international). 
    We have two adjunct professors affiliated with the Center for Clinical Epidemiology: Sonia Friedman, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, and Pedro Póvoa, Hospital de São Francisco Xavier, Lisbon, Portugal. Professor Bente Mertz Nørgård, Odense University Hospital is affiliated with Harvard Medical School as visiting professor since 2015 and affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, as senior epidemiologist. 
    A large number of staff members at the center have also formal employment at the Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark, as associate professors. 
    Center for Clinical Epidemiology trains PhD-students and staff members at the center are supervisors for a number of PhD-students, medical bachelor students, and research fellow students.


Bente Mertz Nørgård 
Head of department, Professor

Clinical Epidemiology

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