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PhD projects

Mohammed Suleyman - TB epidemiology in the Khartoum Region, Sudan

Main supervisor: Morten Sodemann

Sanne Skov Jensen - Rationale for immunotherapy against HIV-1 infection combining induction of protective antibodies and cell-mediated immunity

Main supervisor: Anders Fomsgaard 

Additional supervisor: Court Pedersen 

Line Dahlerup Rasmussen - The risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus in Danish HIV-patients

Main supervisor: Court Pedersen 

Additional supervisors: Niels Obel and Henrik Toft-Sørensen

Dennis Back Jensen - Chronic obstructive lung disease – infection and inflammation

Main supervisor: Court Pedersen

Additional supervisors: Hanne Madsen and Ingrid Titlestad

Alex Yde Nielsen - Incidents and the clinical meaning of newly discovered picorna-virus

Main supervisor: Court Pedersen

Additional supervisor: Lars Peter Nielsen, Blenda Bottiger and Hans Erik Nielsen

Stig Lønberg Nielsen - The hospital acquired bacteraemia – epidemiology and course

Main supervisor: Court Pedersen

Additional supervisors: Annemarie Lassen and Hans Jørn Kolmos

Michala Kehrer - Vertebral osteomyelitis. Two population-based studies

Main supervisor: Ann Marie Lassen

Additional supervisors: Court Pedersen and Svend Stenvang Pedersen

Morten Bjerregaard Andersen -The establishment of a twin-cohort in Guinea-Bissau 

 Main supervisor: Morten Sodemann

Additional supervisors: Peter Aaby and Kaare Christensen

Alemseged Abdissa Lencho - Improving efficacy and safety of HIV treatment by nutritional supplementation: pharmacokinetic and virological aspects

Main supervisors: Åse Bengård Andersen

Additional supervisors: Court Pedersen, Henrik Friis and Abraham Afessa, AHRI, Addis Ababa

Jeremiah Kidola - Pharmacokinetic studies of first line anti-tuberculosis drugs, treatment outcome and associated factors among smear positive pulmonary patients in Mwanza, Tanzania

Main supervisor: Åse Bengård Andersen

Additional supervisors: Henrik Friis, Nyagosya Range, NIMR, Tanzania and Helen McIlleron, Cape Town, SA

Last Updated 18.08.2020