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PhD student: Dennis Lund Hansen, MD

Project title: Epidemiology of chronic haemolytic anaemia (2017-2020).

Supervisors:  Chief physician Henrik Frederiksen, Department of  Hematology, OUH (leading supervisor), Professor David Gaist, Department of Neurology, OUH, Professor Kjeld Andersen, Department of Neurology, OUH.

PhD student: Brian Østergaard, MD.

Project title: A prospective study of dual PET/CT and Diffusion Weighted MRI in Multiple Myeloma. (2013-2019). 

Supervisors: Professor Niels Abildgaard (leading supervisor), Torben Plesner (supervisor), Poul Flemming Høilund-Carlsen (supervisor), Jon Thor Asmussen (supervisor), chief physician (supervisor).


PhD student: Rikke Faeboe, MHS.

Project title: Early initiated individualized physical training in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients; effects on physical function, physical activity, quality of life, pain, and bone disease. (2015-201+).

Supervisors: Professor Niels Abildgaard (leading supervisor), Lisbeth Rosenbek Minet (supervisor), The Rehabilitation Unit, Odense University Hospital, Mary Jarden, nurse (supervisor), The University Hospitals' Center for Health Professionals' Research, Ulf Christian Frølund, chief physician (supervisor).



PhD: Lene Kongsgaard Nielsen, MD

Project title: Quality of Life in Danish myeloma patients (2016-2018). Project description.

Supervisors: Professor Niels Abildgaard  Department of  Hematology, OUH,(leading supervisor), Ph.d. Mary Jarden, University of Copenhagen, Senior resident Christen Lykkegaard Andersen,  Zealand's University Hospital , Cheif physician Henrik Frederiksen, Department of  Hematology, OUH.

PhD: Lene Østergaard Jepsen, MD.

Project title: The experience of outpatient management by intensively treated acute leukemia patients. (2013-2015).

Supervisors: Lone Smidstrup Friis, chief physician (leading supervisor), Mette Terp Høybye, researcher (supervisor), Dorte Gilså Hansen, MD (supervisor), National Research Center for Cancer Rehabilitation, The Research Unit for Common Practice, University of Southern Denmark. 


PhD: Sarah Farmer, MD.

Project title: Chronic myloproliferative neoplasms and bone structure. (2012-2015).

Supervisors: Hanne Vestergaard, specialist chief physician (leading supervisor), Henrik Frederiksen, chief physician (supervisor), Pernille Hermann, chief physician(supervisor).


PhD: Charlotte Toftmann Hansen, MD.

Project title: Evaluation of serum free light kappa/lambda chain in multiple myeloma and other plasma cell dyscrasia (2008-2011)

Supervisors: Niels Abildgaard (leading supervisor), Jørgen Jespersen (professor, Institute of Regional Health Services Research, University of Southern Denmark).


PhD: Ida Bruun Kristensen, MD.

Project title: Osteoblast and osteoclast regulatory genes in myeloma bone disease (2009-2012).

Supervisors: Niels Abildgaard (leading supervisor), Jacob Haaber, Henrik Ditzel (professor, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark), Maria Lyng (PhD, post-doc, Institute of Molecular Medicine, SDU).  


PhD: Karen Juul Mylam, MD.

Project title: Integrating 18F-FDG positron emission tomography (PET) to the early response assessment in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. 

Supervisors: Niels Abildgaard (leading supervisor), Lars Møller Pedersen, Poul Flemming Høilund-Carlsen (Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine), Henrik Petersen (Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine), Michael Boe Møller (Pathology), Oke Gerke (Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine), Werner Vach (Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine).