PhD Projects

Current PhD projects

Annemarie Camilla Schaeffer Senders, Ph.D. student





The role of co-factors in primary and secondary hazelnut allergy

Main supervisor: Professor, Ph.D Charlotte Gotthard Mørtz                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Medvejleder: Professor, DMS.c., Ph.D. CArsten Bindslev-Jensen, Cand. scient., Ph.D. Esben Eller


Laura Barrett Ryø, M.Sc.









Unravelling molecular disease mechanisms in hereditary angioedema with normal and abnormal C1 inhibitor

Main supervisors: Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen, Professor MSO, Ph.D,  Aarhus University

Co-supervisor: Anette Bygum, Professor,, SDU
Co- Supervisor: Christian Kroun Damgaard, Associate Professor, PhD, Aarhus University



Bettina Trettin, cand. cur.







Telemedicine for psoriasis

Supervisor: Associate professor, PhD Flemming Andersen
Co-supervisors: Cand. cur., PhD Dorte Boe Danbjørg, PhD Hanne Agerskov, Adjunct Professor , PhD Steven Feldman



Azmi Al-Jubury, Ph.D. student









Cercarial Dermatitis in Denmark

Supervisor: Professor MSc., Ph.D, Kurt Buchmann,

University of Copenhagen
Co-Supervisors: Professor, DMSc. Anette Bygum,

University of Southern Denmark
Associate Professor, MSc. Ph.D Per Walter Kania,

Associate Professor, MSc. Ph.D Louise Von Gersdorff Jørgensen,

University of Copenhagen



Mads Gustaf Jørgensen, Ph.D. student

Mads Gustafsson







Prevention of lymphedema after breast cancer with Tacrolimus

Main supervisor: Professor Jens Ahm Sørensen, Plastic Surgery, KI, SDU

Co-supervisors: Professor DMSc. Anette Bygum, University of Southern Denmark, professor Jørn Bo Thomsen, IRS, SDU, Mr. Kim Gordon Ingwersen, SLB Vejle



Stine Bjørn Gram, Ph.D. student

Stine Bjørn Gram








Improved genetic diagnostics and characteristics of hereditary palmoplantar keratoderma

Main supervisor: Doctor, Ph.D. Lillian Bomme Ousager, Department of Clinical Genetic, KI, SDU

Co-supervisor: Professor, DMSc. Anette Bygum, University of Southern Denmark, KI, SDU,

Cand. Scient., Ph.D., Klaus Brusgaard, KI, SDU



Thomas Delvin, Ph.D. student

Thomas Delvin







Use of health data for screening unknown drug effects and drug use patterns in dermatology

Main supervisor: Professor Jesper Hallas, Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy

Co-supervisor:  DMSc. Anette Bygum, University of Southern Denmark, KI, SDU




Recent PhD projects

Anne Lindegaard Christiansen, 
Porphyria cutanea tarda 
Supervisor: Professor, Lars Melholt Rasmussen 
Co-supervisor:Professor, Anette Bygum, clinical lector Peter Jepsen

Didde Haslund, M.Sc. 
Indentification and modeling of hereditary angioedema disease mechanisms by genetic engineering in patient derived cells 
Main supervisors: Professor MSO, PhD  Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen 
Co-supervisor: Professor, Anette Bygum, Professor, PhD Christian Kroun Damgaard

Mathias Tiedemann Svendsen, 

Adherence to topical corticosteroids in patients with psoriasis
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc., Klaus Ejner Andersen
Co-supervisor: PhD Flemming Andersen, Postdoc, PhD Anton Pottegaard, cand.scient.pol Jakob Hansen, Professor, PhD Helle Johannesen

Morten Junker Christensen,
SWEAT (Severe Wheat and Exercise induced Anaphylaxis Trial).
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc., PhD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen
Co-supervisor: Professor, PhD Charlotte Gotthard Mørtz, PhD. Esben Eller, Professor, DMSc Knut Brockow

Anja Pahlow Mose, cand. med.
In vivo studies of allergen absorption in humans.
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc PhD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen
Co-supervisor: Professor, PhD Charlotte Gotthard Mørtz, PhD Esben Eller, PhD Signe Inglev Steffansen

Anne Åbom,
Hereditært Angioødem – biokemiske og pædiatriske aspekter
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc Anette Bygum

Athamaica Ruiz Oropeza, 
Anaphylaxis Prevalence in Odense: treatment and elicitors in children and adults (APOTECA)
Supervisor: Professor, PhD Charlotte Gotthard Mørtz
Co-supervisors: Professor, DMSc, PhD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen, Professor, DMSc, PhD Annmarie Lassen

Line Kring Tannert,
Microdialysis in the evaluation of the allergic reaction (MICALL)
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc PhD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen
Co-supervisors: Professor, PhD Charlotte Gotthard Mørtz, Professor, DMSc Per Stahl Skov 

Elisabeth Søgaard Christiansen,
Allergic diseases and sensitization in children up to the age of 14 years. A follow-up investigation of the DARC (Danish Allergy Research Centre) cohort
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc Susanne Halken,
Co-supervisors: Professor, PhD Charlotte Mørtz, PhD Henrik Fomsgaard Kjær, PhD Esben Eller
Additional supervisors: Professor, DMSc PhD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen, Professor, DMSc Klaus Ejner Andersen, Associate professor, DMSc Arne Høst

Kristian Mose,, PhD
Development and validation of a human experimental contact dermatitis model for testing topical drugs for their efficacy in treating contact dermatitis
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc Klaus Ejner Andersen

Anette Stensgaard, cand. scient. san., PhD 
Danish children and adolescents with food allergy (DaCAFA)
Supervisor: Professor, MD, DMSc PhD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen
Co-supervisors: MPsych, PhD, Reg Psychol, PS Audrey DunnGalvin, PhD Dorthe Nielsen

Janni Hjortlund,, PhD 
Penicillin – diagnosis of allergy (PEDAL).
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc, PhD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen

Sidsel Falkencrone, cand.scient, PhD 
The basophil leukocyte in chronic urticaria
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc Per Stahl Skov

Jakob Torp Madsen,, PhD 
Microvesicle formulations and contact allergy – experimental studies in in-vitro, mice and man
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc Klaus Ejner Andersen.

Esben Eller, cand. scient.,PhD
Food Allergy and Atopic Dermatitis in Childhood: Longtudinal results from the DARC cohort.
Supervisor: Professor, DMSc, PhD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen