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Current ph.d projects

  • Children and adolescents with functional somatic symptoms:  Empowerment and illness beliefs after family therapy, MD Ditte Roth Hulgaard. 
  • Early Dysregulation and Mental Health Problems at 5-6 years. A longitudinal Cohort study of risk and resilience factors for progression to ADHD, MD Jette Asmussen.
  • Bone loss in eating disorders, MD Jacob Frølich.
  • Prenatal insecticide exposure and neurodevelopmental disorders in preschool children, MD Bettina Fage Larsen.
  • Attachment and resiliency in parents of children with ADHD – a factor in prognosis? MD Pernille Darling Rasmussen.

Recent ph.d projects

  • Funen Anorexia Nervosa Study - a follow-up study on outcome, mortality, quality of life and body composition, MD Laura Al-Dakhiel Winkler. Defended 2016.
  • Cognitive Training in Children and Adolescents With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Cand.psych Aida Bikic. Defended  2016.
  • Cognition in autism spectrum disorders: Relating cognition to autism spectrum symptomatology, Cand.psych Cathriona Cantio. Defended 2016.
  • Risk factors and consequences of child and youth suicide attempts - a Danish register-based study.  Statistican Erik Christiansen. Defended  2015.
  • Exercise Addiction. Validation of the exercise addiction inventory, prevalence of addiction, eating disorder, symptoms, personality traits and leptin levels, Cand.psych Mia Beck Lictenstein. Defended 2014.
  • Childhood Depressive Disorders, MD Rikke Thaarup Wesselhoeft. Defended 2014.
  • Sensory gating in Autism Spectrum Disorders - The search for subgroups, MD Gitte Falcher Madsen. Defended 2013.
  • Early onset of schizoprenia in children, MD Anne Dorte Stenstrøm. Defended 2011.
  • A population-based twin study of Autism Spectrum Disorders, MD Claudia Nordenbæk. Defended 2010.
  •  Sleep Difficulties in Children With  Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder,  MD Allan Hvolby. Defended 2008. 
  • Psychopathology in Danish 8-9 year old children: prevalence and comorbidity in a two step population based study, MD Dorthe Janne Petersen,
    Defended  2004.


Last Updated 04.03.2020