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Methods and techniques


EAT= Eating attitude test

EDI= Eating Disorder Inventory

TAS= Toronto Alexiathymia Scale

ASSQ= High - Function Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire
MFQ:= Mood and Feelings Questionnaire

SDQ= Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire 

ADHD-RS= Attention Deficit/hyperactive Disorder - Rating Scale

DAWBA =Development and Well-Being Assesment

CBCL= Child Behavior Checklist  for 11/2-5  or 6- 16 years

YSR= Youth Self-Report for ages 11-16 years
TRF= Caregiver - Teacher Report Form for 11/2-5  or 6- 16 years

TOF = Test Observation Form

BMP= Brief problem Monitor 



Clinical interviews:

SCID = The struktured Clinical Interview for DSM Axis I Disorder

ADI-R=Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised

BAB= Bedømmelse af Anoreksi og Bulimi

EDE= Eating Disorders Examination

K-SADS-PL= Scheduel for affective disorders and schizophrenia for school-aged children, 6-18 years

DAWBA = Development and Well-Being Assesment


Psychological Assesment Instrument: WISC IV, WAIS-R , WPPSI-R, Rorschach, ADOS, Theory of Mind-tests 


Database programmes: CBCL-database, ADHD-database



Last Updated 04.03.2020