Continual ph.d. - projects:

Abir Al-kalemji

Erik Jørs

Søren Glud Skousgaard


Finished ph.d. - projects:

Helene Paarup: ”Epidemiological Study of P Epidemiological Study of Professional Musicians’ Health with Focus on Musculoskeletal Symptoms and the Relation with Specific Psycho-social and Life style Factors.”

Supervisors: overlæge, dr. med. Jesper Bælum, overlæge, ph.d. Jonas Winkel Holm, overlæge, ph.d. Niels Wedderkopp, ledende overlæge, Claus Manniche


Jesper Hvass Schmidt: ”Hearing Changes and Riskfactors for Hearing Changes in Classical and Pop/Rock-musicians.”

Supervisors: Overlæge, dr. med. Jesper Bælum, overlæge Ture Andersen, lektor lic. scient Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard.


Jesper Rasmussen: ”Occupation as a risk factor for asthma among young adults in Denmark.”

Supervisors: Overlæge, dr. med. Jesper Bælum, Overlæge, ph.d. Lars Skadhauge, Overlæge Hans Chr. Siersted, professor, ph.d. Torben Sigsgaard.