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The Ph.D. coordinator and the Ph.D. special committee

The Ph.D. coordinator

Among other things, the Ph.D. coordinator will guide you in your fellowship, contribute to your education plans and run the staff development interview with you.                                  

Furthermore, the coordinator is responsible for the budget and for collecting documents during your fellowship, providing statistics for the Ph.D. School as well as coordinating Ph.D. courses along with the heads of the research groups.

The Ph.D. coordinator at the Department of Law is Professor Nina Dietz Legind.


The Ph.D. special committee

The special committee reviews the applications for the Ph.D. fellowships at the Department of Law.

The committee is composed of:

Associate Professor Bugge Thorbjørn Daniel
Professor WSR Torsten Bjørn Larsen
Professor Nina Dietz Legind

Last Updated 18.03.2021