Advisory Board

The Advisory Board was appointed to oversee law study programmes at the University of Southern Denmark. The Advisory Board was appointed with a view to collaborative engagement with external players.    

The Advisory Board covers the following study programmes:

  • BSc in Business Administration and Law, and MSc in Business Administration and Law
  • BA (Laws) and MA (Laws)
  • Open Education, Law (part time)

The Advisory Board is involved with specific and general matters relating to law study programmes. Thus, the topics can include teaching, study programme content and development, as well as the general deployment and significance of the study programmes in terms of developments in society in the Southern Denmark region. Other areas of cooperation are collaboration on knowledge sharing and research. 

The composition of the Advisory Board conforms to the following criteria:

  • It covers study programmes including law and commercial law
  • It is broadly based in relation to sectors (public and private)
  • It covers the whole of SDU’s geographical area

The members of the Advisory Board are initially appointed for a period of 1 year. After this period, the composition of the Board is reviewed. Appointments are subsequently for periods of 2 years.