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Law in Society

Law in society

The research group Law in society focus their research on the relationship between law and society.

The research group works with legal subjects such as crimes and punishment, the citizens’ perception of the legal system, legislation in special/exposed housing sectors as well as the history and purpose of law.

Their research influences many different operators in society such as judges, the police, prison staff, social workers and regular citizens as well as international companies and criminals. The groups research contributes to solving substantial societal challenges such as parallel society, crimes, legal rights or reintegration to society.


The research group collaborates with e.g.  Retshjælpen FynKriminalforsorgenDet Kriminalpræventive Råd and Søbysøgård Fængsel.

Legal encounters

 Many of the researchers in the group are also involved in the Legal encounters-project. The project focuses on what happens when the “representatives of the law” and the “users of the law”, e.g. when lawyers meet their clients, when case workers meet the citizens and when the prison staff meets the prisoners.