What is the Talent Track?

Talent Programme

Experiences from former students and organisers of the Talent Programme

The Department of Business and Economics offers a Talent Track for graduate students.  The purpose of the Talent Track is to provide motivated and talented students enrolled in either the MSc Economics or MSc Mathematics-Economics programmes the opportunity to strengthen their competences and acquire additional skills through special initiatives - specifically professional initiatives, which develop academic skills and skills that are relevant to the labour market. Therefore, the Talent Track builds on to the knowledge, skills and competences, which are achieved through the graduate programme in which the student is enrolled.

The teaching in the talent programme is research-based and builds on the thought that learning and talent development are promoted by active participation of the students. The students will experience teaching from both active researchers and representatives from the labour market.

The Talent Track is comprised of four different blocks, accounting for a total of 25 ECTS points which you are able to be enrolled in. The four blocks are: a research coursea research master thesis,  a boot camp base study and a dissemination course.

All students completing elements of the Talent Track will receive a participation certificate if they complete the regular Master programme within the standard time limit. Furthermore, the elements you participate in will appear on your transcript of grades to officially document your extra effort. If you complete a minimum of 20 ECTS, which we strongly encourage, you will receive “honors” on your final diploma.  

As the Talent Track is supposed to be completed parallel to the master programme, you have to make an extra effort to participate both in the normal coursework  and in the Talent Track. You will therefore not be granted any extra time to participate.

To take part in the Talent Track you will have to apply for enrolment.

Besides the Talent Track, we offer two other tracks where it is possible for you as a student to receive extra diploma in addition to your final diploma. The first track is theHonor Track, which you can only be nominated for. The second track is the Extra-Curricular Track, which you can apply for if you have participated in any extra activities that are related to your education programme and that do not give ECTS points. You have the possibility to receive extra diploma from one or more of the tracks.


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